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Your Partner in Printing Excellence

Bunny Print was established in 2021 as a printing company in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We specialize in customized printing services for clients, both online and offline.

Since our inception, we have served over 7,000 businesses of all sizes. We constantly enhance our expertise, upgrade our equipment and stay up-to-date with industry trends and technology to provide top-notch service and quality products.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We prioritize print quality and ensure timely delivery to meet our clients' needs. Our streamlined processes, modern equipment and efficient teamwork enable us to deliver high-quality results.

Let's start an amazing printing journey together! Unlock limitless possibilities for your business with Bunny Print!

Bunny Print成立于2021年,是一家位于柔佛新山的印刷公司。


Bunny Print一直以客户满意度为首要目标。我们注重印刷质量,并致力于确保客户的满意度。同时,我们也注重印刷速度。 我们理解客户的时间敏感性和紧急需求,因此我们努力在合理的时间内完成订单。


Vision 愿景
Become Malaysia's No. 1 O2O Printing Brand.
Mission 使命
1. 用科技提供顾客线上的便利, 线下的真实体验
Bring online convenience to customer using technology and provide them real experience in offline.

2. 栽培优秀且感恩的团队,成为家庭的标杆
Cultivate a grateful and excellent team to let their family feel proud of them.
Core Value
Responsiblity 责任感
I nnovation 创新
Gratitude 感恩
Honesty 诚信
T eamwork 团队合作
Rapid 快速
Initiative 主动
Communication 沟通
Happy 快乐